Manor Road Closed

The Board of Supervisors are working diligently with the Township’s Engineer, a Geo-technical Engineer, PennDot, and Representative Kerry Benninghoff to come up with a solution to repair the sinkhole on Manor Road. Before any repairs can be made to the roadway, the storm water runoff in the area must be addressed to stop the erosion of the ground under Manor Road. The Board feels¬†they have a solution for the storm water, but they must have a meeting with PennDot for final approval of the plan since the storm water system will be installed in PennDot’s right of way along Old US Highway 322. This meeting is anticipated for early to mid¬†September, and if the plan is approved, construction of the storm water system commencing shortly thereafter. The Board appreciates everyone’s patience during this event and will keep you informed of any progress. Thank you.

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