Announcement from District Attorney’s Office on “One Pots”


Recently, in various locations throughout the county, local authorities have discovered what are known as “one pots” discarded along local roadways. “One pots” are typically one liter soda bottles that have been used to manufacture methamphetamine. These soda bottles contain the toxic residue of the chemical process used to manufacture methamphetamine. This residue may be in a sludge/liquid form in the bottle or it may contain a white powdery substance.

This toxic substance presents a risk to people and to the environment. In the event that members of the public should encounter discarded one liter soda bottles, or any discarded bottles containing this type of material, they should not be disturbed. Members of the public should immediately contact their local police department or the Pennsylvania State Police. Reports may also be made to the Mifflin County Non-Emergency Number: 717-248-9607.


We have learned that the majority of these “One Pots” have been found in Coopers Gap. Please       DO NOT pick these things up – contact the Police  by calling 717-248-9607 and let the professionals dispose of them properly!


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