Every spring the Township is notified by PennDOT that it is time for the annual maintenance of the traffic signals within the Township. This maintenance includes cleaning the lenses, reflectors and visors; regular lamp replacement; trimming trees near the signals; replacing missing and damaged signs that are listed on the permit; and ensuring that the signal is working properly.

Other things, such as inspecting the signal supports, messenger cables and clamps, wiring, replacing the controller cabinet filter, and checking the cabinet gasket should also be done for each inspection.

The pavement markings listed on the signal permit must also be repainted.  The Township is responsible for crosswalk markings, limit lines, lane control arrows; and center and edge lines on local streets.

Please be alert for Township workers that are flagging in areas of the traffic signals as we are performing the annual maintenance on the traffic signals and repainting the lines and arrows on the roadways.

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