Public Sewer Service
Brown Township 717-667-2531
Billed quarterly in January, April, July, and October

On-Lot Sewer Service
Page SEO 717 436-2291 or 1-800-639-3641

Act 537 was implemented by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to help address existing sewage disposal needs and to prevent future problems through the proper planning, permitting, and design of all types of sewer facilities.

As required by DEP, Brown Township recently updated its Act 537 Plan. The updated Plan was approved by DEP and will be adopted by Brown Township by Ordinance in the spring of 2018.

The updated Plan will require all residents with on-lot sewage systems to have their systems inspected and pumped every four years.

Century Link 1-800-201-4099
Comcast 1-800-266-2278

Comcast 1-800-266-2278
Zito Media 1-800-365-6988
Direct TV 1-888-866-3008
Dish Network 1-800-200-6220

Internet Service
Century Link 1-800-201-4099

Comcast 1-800-266-2278

Centre Wisp 1-814-777-9007  centrewisp.com

Mifflin county Wireless – 1-717-363-4382  mcwinternet.com

Electric Service
Penelec 1-800-544-4877

Public Water
Mifflin County Municipal Authority  717-248-0165

Refuse Service
Parks 1-800-486-4490
Worthy’s 1-814-542-32261
Cocolamus Creek Disposal 717-463-2381
S&S Trash Service 717-242-8777
McCardle Refuse 717-496-1572

Brown Township Wastewater Treatment Plant
717-667-6711 OR 717-667-3063

Gas Company
UGI 1-800-276-2722